Threatening Nature

Ab-soul dropped this gem on Monday. Line after line, he serves us with food for thought, inviting us to question religion and how men think about and treat women. In a genre such as hip-hop, where so much of the lyrics are void of any thought, meaning or deep reflection, Ab-soul is a breath of fresh air. Here are a few lines that give us the most pause:

“You get on your knees every night/
To pray to a man that you barely understand/
Or have even seen with your eyes closed/
Then turn around and do the same thing/
Get on your knees, then put a ring/
On the woman that you wanna call your wife/
Somethin’ ain’t right, yo.”

“Way back when I was in grade school, I learned about history/
But what about her story—did anybody ask?”

“Just to be precise, who knew that Genesis really meant
The genealogy of ISIS? This shit ridiculous
The chicken came before the egg is my hypothesis, and
This ain’t a album, this an algorithm, yeah
We went from pickin’ cotton for men in wigs and stockings
To liberation and renaissances—what is this nonsense?!
And we don’t speak on sexism much as we really should
The black man could vote before the woman could
You singin’ hymns in church, I’m lookin’ for the her’s
In 66 books in the Bible, they ain’t let a lady say one word”