Start With Why

Last week, we posted a lecture from Robert Greene about mastery. A prerequisite to mastery he argued, is self-reflection. But this is an ambiguous and often elusive term. How does one actually ‘self-reflect’?

Well, why not start self-reflection with asking one simple question: ‘why’?  This seemingly basic three letter word is perhaps the most powerful question in our lexicon; it drives everything we do. Plus, as you will see in this counter-intuitive TED talk from Simon Sinek*, other important behavior-driving questions, such as how and what, derive from the ‘why’.

We like to emphasize the idea of conscious consumption at thiiinc. Similar to mastery, conscious consumption begins with self-reflection. In other words, how does one consume consciously? You guessed it: It starts with why.

That said, here are a few very basic why-questions we would encourage any of our friends/followers to ask regularly of themselves and the businesses with which they interact, especially in this post-truth era of fake news and false facts:

Why am I buying this product?

Why am I watching/reading this _________ [fill in the blank]?

Why does this ______ [fill in the blank with a media company] want me to watch this video or read this article?

Why does this business want me to buy this product?

*A big thank you to my friend Kevin Shipley for sharing this TED talk with me. If anyone reading this has any videos, books, ect. that they would like to share please send them to