Wu Revolution

“You see what we did, we lost the love/
I’m talking bout the love/
The love of your own…”

“The revolution, the revolution will be televised, televised…

It’s time to rise, and take our place so we can inherit the universe/
The planet Earth belongs to God…”

“Arise you Gods, it’s the time for the revolutional war/
That’s the mental war/
That’s the battle between God and devil/
Take the devil off your plane/
Take him off your mental mentality/
Take him off your brain/
Leave all the cigarettes and guns, the alcohol and everything/
That’s the mental devil that exists within your body/
That’s destroying and decaying your mind/
The mind controls the body/
Everything within must come out/
Don’t look towards the sky cause there’s no heaven above/
Don’t look down beneath your feet, there’s no hell below/
But heaven and hell exist within/
Heaven is what you make it and hell is what you go through.”

“I have given it much thought/
It seems, disaster must come/
At best, only postponed/
Shaolin Kung-Fu/
To survive must now be taught, to more young men/
We must expand, get more pupils/
So that the knowledge will spread.”