The System

I began this mini-series of posts in honor of Black History month with some ruminations on why I love hip-hop and how I think it differentiates itself from other musical genres. I think this very short film is a fitting ending to this mini-series and to the month of February. Enjoy the video, and take a few minutes to think about and reflect on J Cole’s poetic words.

I’ve typed out his opening lines below.

“Whoever the powers that be, or whoever constructed this system, or however this naturally happened, the people at the top love the fact that everybody is so busy with themselves and their own lives that they don’t have the time to stand for something, or to fight for something. Yes, being the oppressed people at the bottom of the totem pole in America, but still strong enough to always find a way to sing about it, and come up with something new and be creative. And what happens? Something new emerges. Whether it be rock and roll, whether it be hip hop, it comes from the bottom…”