Let’s be honest, there is a lot of shit circulating on the web.

Everyday, on every front, we are flooded with useless information. Now, the deluge does not just derive from thin air; there are many sources, some far more forceful and powerful than others.  That said, it does not take a scientist or a microscope to realize that the vast majority of this utter bullshit flows from a common spring: businesses.

Businesses exist in the market; and in the market businesses are God. Those businesses who control the market assume omnipresence and omnipotence. Fortunately for me, I am not here to throw stones. Actually, to a large extent I am a believer in the high holiness of business. After all, if the market did not exist, I wouldn’t either.

But, there is one important caveat to what I just said: I believe in business only inasmuch as the consumers operating within the market are educated, well-informed and readily equipped with an arsenal of mental tools to navigate the stormy, ceaselessly flooding terrain. Unfortunately, the idyllic picture I just painted largely resembles a distant fantasy.

The reality is that consumers have been systematically stupefied.

But what else would you expect when the primary concern of players in the market is making money? If consumers were vigilant information explorers, armed with questions, business, as it exists now, would be devastated. So, to avoid decimation, businesses in the market have deployed an ingenious array of tactics to keep you apathetic and unaware.

Most importantly, businesses  have bedded perhaps your most precious ally in the battle for your mind: the schools.

See, businesses need workers to produce, so the schools teach you how to follow the boss’ directions. Businesses need soldiers, to expand, so the schools teach you how to obey the captain’s orders. Businesses need consumers, to buy, so the schools teach you that if you listen to your teachers, study hard, and never break the rules, one day you will be able to secure a solid job with a strong starting salary so that you can buy and consume all the shit your heart desires.

What businesses do not need, or should I say, what businesses do not want, is consumers adept at asking penetrating questions; therefore, the schools do not teach you to be a skilled question-asker, nor do they pique your curiosity so you might have an urge to learn on your own. So where can these attitudes and questions be learned?

If you are normal, you spend tens of hours a week on your screens, surfing the web. What did you consume on your phone, your TV, your laptop a week ago? Yesterday? Today? Fake news? Meaningless music? Videos of someone doing something outrageous, desperate for attention? Probably a lot of utter bullshit?

BUT, there is hope. Sometimes, on increasingly rare occasions, there are diamonds in the deluge of trash. There are media that do what increasingly your formal ‘education’ will not—that is, challenge your beliefs, force you to question, urge you to think, reflect, and grow. But to find them, someone has to get their hands dirty. That is the service I provide through this blog. I dig through mountains of garbage so that you don’t have to.  I  filter for gold, so that you can get rich.